Like the rising sun,
Like the flower unfurling it’s
coat of petals at dawn,

Leaves burst into a fiery array
of gold and brown,
capturing in their veins
the warmth of summer just passed.

And they will also pass.
We see now that last leaflet
freed from the stem that gave it life,
and the branch is left naked on the trunk
that’s much like a womb,
with all of its roots.

O, the trees’ll long be black and barren,
for longer than you’ll count!

They’ll bend under the weight of footsteps in the snow!
O, downtrodden state
O, being cold
A sky that’s grey as smoke
but doesn’t keep you warm

Until the first pale buds of spring
Soak up the water that falls down as rain
and burst open like a fan into a saturated,
pink hue so rich
that it burns the breath
that gives it life.